As a consequence of working with Andrej Djordjevitch (Trance Healer) to develop my Trance Mediumship and Trance Healing capacities, my work with clients continues to deepen and expand. I’m frequently blown away not only by the positive outcomes experienced by my clients but also by the mystery of other dimensions opening out to me when in Trance.

What does this mean in practice?

By going deeper into Trance, the healing for my client is focussed, relevant and therefore beneficial. I don’t get hung up or distracted by any need to connect with particular Guides and Allies as I begin to work. While I’m aware of them, and open to guidance and communications from them, I recognise more than ever that my task is to step aside so that healing energies (with all that they contain) from the Divine (Source, Spirit) can flow more strongly and freely to my client.  The healing doesn’t depend on my direct connection with Guides and Allies since they’re part of the energetic healing flow too. Guides and Allies can be very involved with the healing however, especially when a client has specific needs in any area.

Energetic Healing may take several forms. For example, where a person feels burdened and overwhelmed by emotions which feel stuck, I might use my hands to move this energetic material away from them. Sometimes hands aren’t needed at all for this. In Trance, allowing the healing energy to flow freely, while I might feel, see, hear, smell things which have relevance to my client, I trust the healing energy from Source (God, the Divine, Spirit) to flow where it’s needed.

After the healing, I’ll describe to my client what has taken place. If I’ve sensed anything during the healing (feel, see, hear, smell), I’ll describe this too.  Quite often my client has their own experience during the healing and we’ll reflect together on what has taken place, noting any change or particularly relevant shift or improvement for them and paying attention to any messages that may have been given to them, seeking to understand them and assess their relevance.

Trance Healing has other important elements. It’s not only concerned with physical or emotional healing. Trance healing also addresses ancestral wounds which affect a person’s life.

The other strands in Trance healing may involve hearing a message from a Guide/Ally which is specifically for my client. This message may be guidance for a difficult area of their life, relevant to the healing work undertaken in Trance. The guidance might address a person’s pattern of thinking, behaving, or their emotional life. 

Other messages given in Trance healing can be directly from loved ones in Spirit. These messages are also relevant to the healing needed by the individual. Sometimes a loved one in Spirit is simply present during a healing and doesn’t give any form of message or other communication. The presence of a loved one in this way is immensely comforting, and healing, to my client. However I always check whether the person who’s present in the healing has a relationship to my client, as well as assessing the appropriateness of passing on any message, making sure that my client is willing to receive a message.

Messages of wisdom relevant to the person’s needs also come through Trance healing. These messages encourage the individual to focus their attention on higher things, to look up, and to be open to the help and guidance which is always generously available to all of us.

Trance Healing opens out immense possibilities for healing and rebalancing our lives, and experiencing the unconditional love of Spirit (G-d, the Divine, Source).